Rotation Interpolator

Our tcRotationInterpolator is a maya node that interpolates an arbitrary number of rotations. The algorithm works in quaternion space to have better results compared to the standard euler interpolation.

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Available for Maya 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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How to use

  1. Load the tcRotationInterpolator plugin.
  2. Use the following mel command to create a node: createNode tcRotationInteprolator
  3. Connect the rotation of the input object to the Input[x].inputRotation attribute.
  4. Connect the output attribute to the input rotation of your object.

Node attributes

Interpolation mode

The node needs a reference rotation in order to interpolate the othes, please choose between these modes:

  • maxEigenValue: The node computes automatically the reference rotation by estimating the mean rotation in quaternion space (it solves a system and takes the max Eigen value).
  • minEnergy: Same as the mazEigenValue but minimizes the energy of the system. It computes a more precise result but it’s more expensive to compute.
  • referenceRotation: It uses the rotation plugged to the referenceRotation attribute on the node. It’s useful in case you have already a reference rotation, for example if you are interpolating some joints you can use the bind pose of one of them.

Reference Rotation/ Reference rotation order

Rotation used as reference when the interpolation mode is set to “referenceRotation”

Input rotation/input rotation order/weight

Rotation to blend to and the weight of this rotation used by the inteprolator