Motion Path

Our Motion Path tool is the ultimate solution for real-time visualization and editing of your animations in 3D space.


  • Real-time motion path visualization
  • Camera and world space draw modes
  • Dockable GUI
  • Optional key frames visualization
  • Optional “Use Pivots” mode to take modified pivots into account
  • Optional key frame tangents visualization
  • Optional rotational key frame visualization
  • For objects with incoming connections, such as constraints or set driven keys, a baked/non-editable path is shown.
  • Lock selection
  • Interactive switch for lock selection
  • Motion path edit tool
  • Motion path draw tool
  • With the draw tool on, ctrl+click on a keyframe and drag to activate stroke mode. Closest: move the keys to the closest point on the drawn stroke; Spread: distributes keys uniformly along the drawn point
  • Multiple buffer curves
  • Buffer Curve to Nurb Curve feature
  • Copy 3D key frames positions inside the Maya viewport
  • World Paste 3D key frames positions onto other objects
  • Offset Paste 3D key frames positions onto other objects
  • Customizable settings, such as colors and sizes
  • Motion Path settings are saved in maya preferences
  • Stroke Mode (Ctrl + click a keyframe and drag with the draw context activated)

If you are planning to use one of our tools in a studio, we would be grateful if you could let us know.

Available for Maya 2014, 2015 and 2016


Installation: Please unzip the downloaded file and follow the instructions explained in the Readme.txt.

By downloading this tool you automatically accept our terms of agreement.

Known limitations:

  • Weighted paths won’t display aligned-correct curve tangents when drawing using world space mode. Weighted paths won’t displayed tangents in camera space mode.
  • Key selection is not integrated fully with Maya undo, it won’t work in case of object deletions and similar actions.
  • Marquee selection in the MotionPathEditContext does not work with keys.
  • When locking selection, drawing the path for the locked object could be slow depending on the object hierarchy and connections.
  • Lock selection mode could be quite slow depending on the hierarchy/network of the locked object.
  • Rotational Keys are shown only in conjunction with one or more translation key frames.
  • With animation layers a baked/non-editable path will be shown.
  • Copy-Paste could not work as expected in some cases:
    – pasting keys on items with a different parent
    – when some world tangent info won’t be available from your source curves
    – when not copying all keys from the original curve
  • Copy-Paste only copies translation values, it DOES NOT work with rotations.