Key Reducer

Have you ever had to deal with baked curves and spent way too much time in cleaning them? Or felt you were dealing with curves with too many unnecessary keyframes?
Now you can reduce the number of keys in your animation curves interactively and quickly!
Better curves are just one drag away!


  • Works on selected objects
  • Reduce keys of your animation curves preserving their shapes
  • Works on multiple curves at once
  • Curves selection from Graph Editor and Channel Box
  • Frame range selection for local control over keys reduction
  • Pre Bake mode converts weighted curves into non-weighted, it fixes all your broken tangents too.

Available for Maya 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

You will need a commercial license to use this tool in Maya 2017. Price: 2GBP per month. This license works also for the motion path and camera lattice. The license is node locked, meaning it will work on one computer only.

Installation: Please unzip the downloaded file and follow the instructions explained in the Readme.txt.