Tools installation

Installing our tools is easy and requires only few steps:

1. Registering on the website and downloading the tool.
2. Installing the tool.
3. Installing the license. (Commercial tools only)

If you wish to run our tools on networked machines and want your license installed on one machine only, please contact us.

1. Registering on the website and downloading the tool.

First off, register on our website.
Once registered, download the tool you want from the tool webpage.
Please stay logged in as you'll need to be when requesting licenses for commercial tools.

2. Installing the tool.

Unzip the file you just downloaded, then follow the instructions for your operative system.

Double-click on the installer and follow these instructions:


The installer copies the tool folder with the plugins, scripts and icons inside:

  • C:\Program Files\Toolchefs\

And it copies the maya module inside:

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Alias Shared\Modules\maya\
  • C:\Users\USER\Documents\maya\modules

Extract the folder that is in the zip you've just download and copy it inside "/opt/toolchefs/".

Then copy the .module file in one of these folder:


If the modules folder doesn't exist, create it.

If you want to install the plugin in a different location, please change the paths inside the .module file.


In case you downloaded a free tool, you're all done. Simply load it in your software (i.e. in Maya via the plug-in manager, in Lightwave add the plug-in).

3. Installing the license. (Commercial tools only)

Open your software (i.e. Maya, Lightwave), then follow these instructions.

- Load the plug-in from "Windows->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager". If you just downloaded a free plugin this is all you have to do.

- If you just downloaded a commercial plug-in and you don't have a valid license installed, you'll be prompted with the following dialog. WARNING: This dialog could be hidden behind Maya GUI or other Maya Windows.


- Click "Request free license" or "Buy license" and you'll be redirected to the website where you'll be able to complete your request/purchase. All the fields will be setup for you, you'll need only to agree with the terms of agreement and press next.

- After requesting/purchasing a license you will receive an email with a license file attached. (please don’t change its extension, ".lic").

- Load the plugin from "Windows->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager" once again.

- Click on install license, then select your license and confirm.
The license will be copied in your license folder (this is defined in your maya module). Please note, the license file name might change. Once the tool has copied the file inside your license folder don't change its name.

- You'll see the "Toolchefs" menu appearing in the menu bar and for some tools (i.e. Motion Path, Camera Lattice, Key Reducer) a shelf button too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 16.04.45
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 16.03.35

You're ready to go!

If you have any issue you can contact us at